Together we are rich.

The power of SFA is our community of “strivers”—thousands of people who want to work together to grow their wealth and change the system. The more people in our community, the more powerful we are together.

Our technology make it easy and rewarding for members like you buy shares, monthly savings, get capital - and make money while doing it.

SSCF is a community of business owners who support one another and, most importantly, are able to buy and sell among each other without spending cash. Instead, they use their very own community currency; S-Pesa.  The benefits are simple. They each earn new customers that they wouldn’t have had and get to buy things they need without spending their hard-earned cash.

Why Join SFA Today?

There are a lot of so-called “start-up agencies” or “hubs” and or “venture capitalists” roaming around the streets, today. They say, they serve start-ups, but they’re just waiting for the big enterprise sale that will supposedly propel them into an IPO.

We see things differently and are very excited to know that others are beginning to share our perspective.

We believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of the Tanzania economy, and historically have been underserved financially. These businesses matter most because they are owned and operated by Tanzanians. They create a ton of jobs in our economy, support innovation at every level, and offer people a chance to climb the economic ladder. SFA cares about these things immensely.

Every time a new partner signs up it’s a chance for us to learn something new and we thrive on that. 

One-stop startup SACCO that’s right for you.

High-yield checking with no monthly fees.

With no monthly fees or minimum balance, unlimited transactions, and industry-leading interest, our Business Checking account checks all the boxes.

Flexible funding to fuel your growth.

Access a revolving line of credit, draw funds on demand, and only pay for what you use. Our Line of Capital is designed for one thing: your growth.

Bill Pay that lets you maximize cashflow.

Schedule one-time or recurring payments with ease, and pay most bills by credit card—even to vendors that don’t accept credit. We make paying bills simple and rewarding.

SSCF Directory CONNECTS Local Small Businesses

SSCF Directory is a platform that makes this powerful tool accessible to local businesses. By banding together, small business owners can enjoy the same benefits that the largest companies in the world have.

Here's how it WORKS

SSCF will help you take your current assets and services and leverage them through trading to get what you need now to grow your business. And this is the best part, we will then send you new customers to take care of as you do best!

New Customers

SSCF delivers a continuous stream of new customers who are ready to do business with you right now. SSCF members are heavily incentivized to change their buying habits and do business with other members.

Improved Cash Flow

SSCF shows business owners multiple ways to keep cash in their business by converting existing cash expenses to SSCF expenses. Over time this will compound and create a significant amount of real savings.

Single Digit Interest

We offer a single digit interest fee line of credit. Business owners can immediately access the funds they need to grow their business using existing cash or savings. The dedicated line of credit is paid back as they receive new and loyal customers from the SSCF network.

Join The Community

Say goodbye to big-profit banks and enjoy the benefits of being part of a SACCO that helps you do more with your money.

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