Let's make bank together

Traditional banks don’t help you get ahead. SSCF brings together everything you need to manage spending, tackle debt, and grow your money. Our app is now available and ⎯ is invite only. Join our waitlist today, and we’ll send you an email with your exclusive invitation code as soon as we can.

Money with an X Factor

A community of business owners who support one another and most importantly, are able to buy and sell amongst each other without spending cash. Instead, they use their very own community currency, S-Pesa. The benefits are simple: they each earn new customers that they wouldn’t have had, and get to buy things they need without spending their hard-earned cash.

We’re in the business of making a difference

At SSCF, we believe financial health is something everyone deserves. It’s our goal to help you (our members) and your business, break the debt cycle and unlock economic mobility.

We’re unwavering in our commitment to this mission, and love building products and services that prove to change the industry for the better is, in fact, SSCF.

When you become an SSCF member now, you lock in your stake at our current valuation— before we scale nationally. We have the tech, we have the team, and we have the passion—now all we need is you.

Enriching Lives and Empowering Dreams

A rising tide lifts all boats. Just like a strong economy benefits businesses and individuals at all levels.

When we grow together, everyone thrives.

Our Community is based on relationships - strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect. The SSCF ambassador program is designed so that you can add value to your relationships.

When you introduce us to business owners you know and they join SSCF - our community of influencers will promote their business and start sending them more customers.

As each business begins to get new customers from the SSCF network, they'll pay a commission to support the growth of the network. And we'll share the revenue and the profit with you.

Everyone succeeds.

Built for members, by members.

Our #1 priority is putting members first—it’s even one of our company values. If our members are successful, we’re successful. That’s why we offer exclusive member benefits at no cost.

Which Is Better: Bank or SSCF?

Put simply, Banks are for-profit institutions owned by people who invested in them and who want a good return on their investment, while SSCF is owned by members (YOU) and only needs to make enough profit to operate and pay their staff, and any extra goes back to the members as interest.

Here are some TAKEAWAYS:



Membership Eligibility

SSCF membership is open to business owners and employees, Spouses of Members, Individuals introduced by SSCF members admitted as per the membership policy.


It’s easier as ever!

How to get started

Belong to something bigger.

Experiences and Events

Attend once-in-a-lifetime experiences plus local networking events, dinners, and happy hours.

Exclusive Online Community

From money hacks to surprise swag giveaways—it’s all happening in our members-only discussion groups.

Get access to benefits that help you with your membership, community, and career—all at no cost.

Financial planning, referral bonuses, and member rate discounts.

Experiences, events, and an exclusive online community.

Personalized career advice and our Unemployment Protection Program.

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